Nokia UBT-T Upgrade


Each Nokia 23GHz 2+0 UBT-T SA Wavence Kit includes quantity two (2) of the following:

  • Wavence RTUs – per ODU/RF Transceiver
    • RTU UBT-T 2nd TxRx activation ASLM
    • RTU UBT-T HQAM 2k/4k ASLM
    • UBT-T Upgrade 300Mb to 400Mb ASLM
    • UBT-T Upgrade 400Mb to 600Mb ASLM
    • UBT-T Upgrade 600Mb to 800Mb ASLM
    • UBT-T Upgrade 800Mb to 1000Mb ASLM
    • UBT-T Upgrade 1000Mb to 1500Mb ASLM
    • UBT-T 10G Stand Aloner ASLM
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