80GHz 1+0 UBT-mX SA w/1′ Antenna


Each Nokia 80GHz 1+0 UBT-mX SA w/1′ Antenna Wavence Kit includes the following:

  • Wavence Software
    • RTU UBT-T Stand Alone
  • Wavence Ultra-Broadband Transceiver (UBT)
    • UBT-mX 80 GHz Low
    • UBT-mX 80 GHz High
  • Wavence RTUs – per ODU/RF Transceiver
    • RTU UBT-m Adp Mod Ad Bd Rate ASLM
    • RTU UBT-m Large Channel Spacing ASLM
    • RTU 10Gbps UBT-m Capacity ASLM
    • UBT-T 10G Stand Aloner ASLM
  • Wavence Accessories
    • UBT OCTIS Connector Kit
    • Ant UBT Int 1ft 80 GHz SP FCC A
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The 80GHz 1+0 UBT-mX SA w/1′ Antenna is a Nokia Wavence Ultra-Broadband Transceiver (UBT) that provides high-capacity, low latency microwave transport for short-haul and small cells backhaul applications. The UBT-m 80 is a compact radio unit operating in the E-Band. Using the most advanced radio technologies and multi-frequency carrier aggregation, the UBTs support backhaul and Ethernet fronthaul evolutions with multi-gigabit capacities and low latency transport with best in class system gain.

The UBT-m 80 is integrated in the Nokia Network Services Platform for common management and fully compatible with the Nokia Microwave Service Switches (MSS) and the rest of the Nokia microwave portfolio.

Two options are proposed : UBT-m with Standard Power and UBT-mX with eXtended power for longer links.

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