Nokia Installation Materials (1, 2 Config)


Each Nokia Installation Materials Kit includes the following:

  • Lightning arrestor for coax 1AC041350001 at building entry (Qty 1)
  • Single Lightning Arrest Bracket (Qty 1)
  • N-male for coax cable at arrestor twd UBT (Qty 2)
  • N-female for coax cable at arrestor twd EAC (Qty 4)
  • Coax cable to power UBT (per meter) (Qty 100)
  • Fiber cord MM LC-LC for UBT 50m (Qty 2)
  • SFP+ 10GBASE-LR (Qty 4)
  • Ground kit, 2M – (qty 3 per run, based on length) (Qty 6)
  • BRL Cushion BC141X 1-5/8in,10@0.24in,10p (Qty 6)
  • HANGER, STACKABLE 1-5/8 10 KIT (Qty 6)
  • Adptr Universal Sst Angle (Qty 6)
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*Please note: this installation materials kit is for 1+0 & 2+0 Configurations only, for 3+0 & 4+0 Configurations, you’ll need to click here.

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