Nokia 18GHz 2+0 UBT-T SA


Each Nokia 18GHz 2+0 UBT-T SA Wavence Kit includes quantity two (2) of the following:

  • Wavence Software
    • RTU UBT-T Stand Alone
  • Wavence Ultra-Broadband Transceiver (UBT)
    • UBT-T 18 GHz
  • Wavence RTUs – per ODU/RF Transceiver
    • RTU UBT-T Adp Mod ASLM
    • RTU UBT-T 2nd TxRx activation ASLM
    • RTU UBT-T HQAM 2k/4k ASLM
    • RTU 300Mbps UBT-T Capacity ASLM
    • UBT-T 10G Stand Aloner ASLM
  • Wavence Accessories
    • UBT OCTIS Connector Kit
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The Nokia 18GHz 2+0 UBT-T SA Wavence Ultra-Broadband Transceiver (UBT) provides high-capacity, low latency microwave transport for short-haul applications. The UBT-T is a “dual carrier in a box” configuration supporting multiple microwave frequencies. Using the most advanced radio technologies and multi-frequency carrier aggregation, the UBTs support backhaul and Ethernet fronthaul evolutions with multi-gigabit capacities and low latency transport with best in class transmitted power.

The Nokia Wavence UBT-T implements an innovative product design, with a hardware split between the active wideband radio part and the Antenna Interface Module (AIM), a passive part interfacing the antenna. Thanks to this design, the UBT-T can generically support channels belonging to different sub-bands on the same box. This offers a high flexibility in the deployment options, the configuration specificities being managed inside the AIM, thus simplifying the installation, maintenance and spare part management.

The UBT-T is integrated in the Nokia Network Services Platform for common management and fully compatible with the Nokia Microwave Service Switches (MSS).

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